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Monday, June 25, 2012

"Girl Crazy" by What Looks Like Crazy- Song Review

What Looks Like Crazy.
What Looks Like Crazy is a pop/rock band from Virginia Beach. This five piece group has been playing shows around the United States with some of today's biggest artists. What Looks Like Crazy differs from other bands in that they seem closer connected with their audience. The fact that they care about their listeners is a fresh change of pace. These guys are not your average pop/rock band that just writes catchy lyrics, they write lyrics from the heart and about their lives. Add it all up and What Looks Like Crazy makes for an interesting listen.

Their latest single, "Girl Crazy", meets all the pre-requisites of becoming a classic Summer anthem. It features very catchy lyrics, upbeat instrumentals and when you listen to it you can't help but think about Summer. "Girl Crazy' will not go away quickly thanks to an infectious combination of lyrics and vocals. This is the true backbone of the song and it couples nicely with the instrumentals to form one incredibly diverse and amazing song. Feel free to listen to the song on their Facebook page (link below).

If What Looks Like Crazy keeps writing the same calibre of songs like "Girl Crazy", I believe they will be not only around but relevant for a long time to come. I wish them all the best moving forward and look forward to listening to their future releases.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Music Means To Me

I won't say music has saved my life but it certainly has made the rough patches more bearable. It has helped me make the right choices and, in turn, has shaped me into who I am today.

Music is my passion, which is quite obvious as that is what we are all about. I have been fascinated by music for many years and it has proved to be a wild ride. When other interests fade away, music always seems to stick around. My music choice has evolved and for that I am glad because there are so many artists out there that I would not have had the pleasure of listening to.

I love how powerful music can be in connecting us. It can be quite the conversation piece and can help unite people. Personally, I find it a great way to express your feelings and emotions. The freedom that accompanies music is great as it lets people express themselves in unique and creative ways.

That's what music means to me, what does it mean to you? Let us know by commenting, sending a tweet to @YourMusicNews or an email to

-All the best!
-YourMusicNews (Matt)

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Interview with Seeking Empire

How did the band members meet? 

All of us were in other bands and eventually met/played with each other. 

How did the band name come about? 

It was something Alan came up with before the project was put together.  It's actually really nice because coming up with a name can be a complete nightmare ha ha!

Who are some of your major influences? 
I would have to say Dave Grohl, Jim Ward, and Tim Kasher.

Where do you draw the inspiration from to create music?

Mostly from other music, really.  It's easy to get stuck into a certain type of writing, so it's nice to feed off of what you hear.

We heard you are releasing a new music video soon. Care to give us any hints as to what it might be like? 

It will be perverse, and probably illegal.  Kidding, it's shot by the amazing Angelo Ibanez from Ajapop films.  There will be lights, beautiful people...and, did I say beautiful people?

What do you hope listeners take away from your music? 
I hope they can relate the songs to their life.  I really grasp onto melodies, myself, but that's just because I can't remember lyrics very well...or at all.  If it even captures one person, then I'm happy.

Where can people find your music? 
At our site, or iTunes, soundcloud, etc, etc.

Is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Shout outs to Jamie White & Ashley Rayburn who have helped us spread the word, you girls are AMAZING! To all lovers of music, everyone who has ever believed in us musically, and helped us do what we do. All the people who checked out our music and show us love. Also a shout out to the 8lb 6oz baby Jesus.

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview With Permanent Ability

How did the band members meet?

  I (Brian Lanese - Frontman) founded Permanent Ability backin 2006 after moving to Los Angeles from Waterbury, Connecticut. I didn’t knowa soul here, but as soon as the plane landed, I literally hit the groundrunning and started to build the band from the ground up. I already had a bunchof solid songs written like 'Sex Junkie' and 'Bring It On!', so I quickly foundplayers who believed in the project to get it moving. I went through a coupleversions of the band at first and some shows were terrible in the beginning,looking back on them now. Not many people know I’m the lone writer for all of Permanent Ability’s songs including the instrumental parts, so I when I write I write the parts with each member in mind and let them refine it with their style. Currently, I work with a group of guys that a very professional and everyone knows their responsibility within the band and to the music. This is how our band functions, and there aren't too many cooks in the kitchen, keeping it stress free and fun as a band should be. There is NO formula for success and every situation is unique, but this is what works for us.


How did you decide on the band name?

Well I had this philosophy, if you pop out the womb with a god given gift, in my case being art and music, it is permanently rooted in you for life; and even if you wanted to get rid of that talent, whatever it may be, that talent is an ability that will always be yours, and it's up to you to decide whether to use it, abuse it, or let it go to idle. So based on that philosophy, I thought Permanent Ability was suitable for my band name, and the creative abundance given to us as individuals, when coming together as one unit, has proven that we are using such gifts to inspire hearts and minds and using them as our canvas.

Who are some of your major influences?

Our influences come from a wide variety of artists, ranging from LL Cool J to Led Zeppelin and everything else in between. Keeping our ears diverse to all styles of music is important to us, and it also lends to a vast source of creative ammunition to the writing process. So when I say we listen to everything…we sincerely do!

You have a new album due out later this year. Can we expect a similar sound to your previous releases or will it be something completely different?

This record will show an evolution of our sound that some diehard fans may not even expect, for a preview visit as we recently released two new singles that will be on the new record.

I feel the new record is the best one yet, and it will be Permanent Ability's first full length release, narrowed down to about ten to twelve songs; although, twenty or so were written. It's titled, Love You To Death, inspired by the album cover design and the waltzy rock title track. Just like our 2010, recently Grammy Nominated release Bring It On! it was also recorded at 4th Street Studios in Santa Monica, CA. It's recorded with tier instrumental equipment this time around. Couple cool facts about the recording is that we were fortunate enough to get to use Chili Pepper's drummer Chad Smith's '64 Gretch Kit to record with, and a few of Taylor Hawkins snares as well (drummer for the Foo Fighters.) The record features bassist Mario Pagliarulo of Serj Tankian's solo band The F.C.C. and our collaboration came into play when he randomly heard the music, and reached out to me. He really loved what I was doing, and he passionately wanted to be a part of it. Mario did an awesome job too! When an opportunity to collaborate comes knocking you don't say no, especially here in L.A., so it was an excellent experience to get to work with him. We are already talking about future projects together as well.

What do you hope listeners take away from your music?

I always try to write very universally so that you will apply the songs to your own personal experiences in your life. They may have one meaning for me but for you they may hold a completely different meaning. I simply want in the end to haunt you with my chorus hook and ultimately make you think with my lyrics or be inspired by how motivational the content may be. I'm a go getter and I want to prove to people if you are hungry and stay with it you will achieve it. "God delays, he doesn't deny." - Tommy Lasorda


What is your favourite song you have written and why?

My favorite Permanent Ability song thus far is “Last to Know” simply because of it’s personal meaning to me. I really lyrically poured my heart out on that song to desperately try and close a painful chapter of my life; that from time to time unforgivingly haunts me with its past regrets. To perform live though is definitely “Sex Junkie” cuz all four of us explode to the music, and we are so animated and full of raw energy. Although…that’s pretty much our entire set, but Sex Junkie…we’ve dubbed it the “Eck” cuz it’s our set closer, or our musical Dennis Eckersley. (a famous Oakland A’s baseball closer)

Where can people find your music?

Well your first stop should be but we are also available on

iTUNES and CD Baby. Don't for get to "FOLLOW" our ass on TWITTER and "LIKE" us on FACEBOOK too.

Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

I'd like to give a HUGE shout out to my good friends Mario Pagliarulo, Lonnie Jones, and Orlando Mestre. These guys are excellent musicians and as professional as they come. Thanks to Your Music News Blog for the opportunity and for the help of keep the indie fight alive!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Interview with States Away

How did the band members meet?

We've all originally met by being in other local bands, or from back when we were in high school. Our guitarists Cody and Geoff started writing material together back in early fall of 2011, started jamming with our drummer Ian, and then I (Michael) decided to join right when I moved back from Orlando in December of 2011. Then we actually entered the studio without a vocalist, found our singer Corey and got him in the studio immediately!

How did you decide on a band name?

Our good friend Josh Minnich who does all our graphic design work presented it to us and we really liked it. It sort of represents relationships we have with people that aren't near us, and how we can conquer that distance.

Who are some of your major influences?
States Away
New Found Glory, Man Overboard, The Story So Far, Sworn In, God, and Pizza.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

I think a re-appearing theme in our message is relationships. Everyone in the band has a bad relationship history when it comes to being treated wrong or even conflict within ourselves, so we try and express that in our lyrics.

You recently released your debut EP. Which songs are your favourite and why?

I think everyone likes "Heads Up" because it's fast paced, has some heavier parts, but still with a catchy chorus. I'd say we also like It's Not Me It's You, because it's probably our most mature sounding song, and we really connect with the lyrics.

Mean What You Say is definitely the most fun for everyone to play live though, because so far it has the best crowd reaction.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

We all hope that everyone can connect with our lyrics, realize that they aren't the only ones having those specific kind of relationship issues, or conflicts within themselves, and find hope that there is always a way out to be a happier person.

Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?
Our dads.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

States Away- A Review

 States Away is a pop/punk band from Springfield, Ohio. They are a textbook perfect pop/punk band consisting of upbeat instrumentals and accompanying vocals. Their lyrics are catchy and that makes for a fun listen. When comparing States Away to other bands it's hard to narrow it down as there are so many bands playing this style of music. However, with that said, if you have an ear for pop/punk you will definitely enjoy it.

States Away Album Artwork.
 States Away released their self titled, debut EP last month. Consisting of four songs, it will please anyone who is a fan of upbeat pop/punk music and catchy lyrics. The first song, "Heads Up", is my favourite from the album due to the energy that is sustained throughout and the way that it ties the whole group together. "Mean What You Say" is similar in many aspects, which helps carry that energy through the first half of the EP. The third song, "It's Not Me It's You" seems to change the mood of the EP. The lyrics seem more emotional and heartfelt which adds a layer of depth that you don't often see with bands in this genre. "Don't Try", the final song, seems to shake things up again. Although the vocals seem upbeat, the instrumentals seem more mellow which helps to summarise the EP's mood. Overall, States Away delivers a solid debut release.

 Being such a young band, States Away has already accomplished so much. They have a very respectable fan base and a very solid debut album.I look forward to seeing them build on this success and I hope that they continue to make music as well as grow and develop as a band. I recommend you give them a listen as they are well worth your time.

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**Note: Watch for our interview with States Away tomorrow!**

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Joshua Hyslop- A Review

Joshua Hyslop is a singer/songwriter hailing from Abbotsford, BC. Joshua combines soothing guitar melodies with solid vocals that create a well rounded sound. He has released two albums, an EP in July of 2011 entitled "Cold Wind" and his first full length album, "Where the Mountain Meets the Valley", last month. Both works are structured quite similar and are quite the treat to listen to.
Joshua Hyslop.

"Cold Winds" is a six song EP filled with raw and simple songs that will please almost any ears. Sometimes, simple does not always work, but for Joshua it fits very nicely. The two songs that jump out at me are "Nowhere Left To Go" and "If I Was A Better Man". "Nowhere Left To go" was perhaps my favourite lyrically and was a very relaxing song that holds your interest throughout. "If I Was A Better Man" was a pleasant surprise and a great way to end the album. It was the most upbeat song on the album and for that reason, it stood out the most. It was almost as if the album was building up to this very song and this was the grand finale, and a grand finale it was. Excellent lyrics, incredible vocals and great instrumentals make not only this song, but this entire album worth a listen.

"Where the Mountain Meets the Valley" is the first full length release from Joshua Hyslop. Right away it's as though he carried the energy that ended off his first album and carried it through this one. However, that is not to say that he didn't include any aspects from his first album as there are several softer songs on the album including "Time Alone", "First Light" and the title track "Where the Mountain Meets the Valley". Some of my favourites include "Wish You Well" and "Have You Heard?" because I feel as though these songs emphasise the evolution of Joshua's music, not to mention they are very sound both lyrically and instrumentally. If you liked "Cold Winds" you will definitely love "Where the Mountain Meets the Valley".

Joshua Hyslop tends to keep his music simple but there is always something that gives his music a twist and makes for an enjoyable listen. Both his releases, "Cold Winds" and "Where the Mountain Meets the Valley" are very well done and chart his growth as an artist quite nicely. I recommend giving them both a listen, you will not be disappointed.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Edwin Miles- A Review

Edwin Miles is a singer/songwriter/guitarist living in Manchester, UK. Edwin combines soothing guitar melodies with his heartfelt vocals. When putting Edwin Miles music into a genre, you could easily put it in several, from pop to folk to rock. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Edwin has been playing guitar since he was twelve and has developed the talent that helps propel his music to another level which is evident in his debut release.

"Get Off Your Rock" by Edwin Miles
"Get Off Your Rock", the four song debut EP from Edwin Miles was released in early 2012. It is a very wonderful and relaxing collection of songs. It seems as though he feeds off of his guitar and in turn, creates more energy and passion within his music which truly makes for a great listen. My favourites from the album include the title track, "Get Off Your Rock" and "Troublesome Eye". I really like how "Get Off Your Rock" flows so smoothly. It is a really nice introduction to the album and it does a nice job of setting the tone for the rest of the album. "Troublesome Eye" was one of my favourites due to all of the emotion that is portrayed throughout it. Both the lyrics and Edwin's voice make this a stand out song. There is not a song that I didn't really like on the album as I found they all contributed to the mood of the album and helped to solidify it.

If you are into mellow, acoustic songs you may enjoy Edwin Miles. Even if you don't, I encourage you to give him a listen as everyone of his songs is filled with passion and they flow so smoothly throughout the album. He is very talented on guitar and has great vocals to match. "Get Off Your Rock" was a very well done debut album and I look forward to Edwin Miles future releases.

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Monday, June 04, 2012

La Fin Absolute du Monde- A Review

La Fin Absolute du Monde.
 La Fin Absolute du Monde (The Absolute End Of The World) is made up of husband and wife duo, Jason and Cyndy Myles, who create very unique sounding music that is hard to place in any one genre. They combine punk, rock, pop, electronic and even some hard rock. Formed in 2009, La Fin absolute du Monde has signed to UK label, Foolscircle Recordsand created several true masterpieces. This is such a dynamic band in that they can generate many different moods throughout their songs. Cyndy's vocals help with this a lot as she is very talented in what she does.

 La Fin Absolute has released several prominent songs. "She's Got To Be A Pirate" is perhaps their best example as this showcases what La Fin Absolute du Monde is all about. Featuring their signature blend of several different genres and uniquely crafted vocals, this is La Fin Absolute du Monde at their very best. " Black Sheep" is a perfect example of how dynamic this band really is as they can go from upbeat to mellow in an instant. "Dark Fetus" contains the best of both worlds and is one of my personal favourites by La Fin Absolute du Monde.

 If you are looking for a unique listening experience, look no further then la Fin Absolutedu Monde as they blend several different genres to create a very unique sound that helps them stand above the crowd. Personally, I look forward to watching the band progress and build off of their success. Any future releases by La Fin Absolute du Monde are sure to be a hit and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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