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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Welcome Here

Hey everyone, thanks for taking the time to read our blog. First off I like to write songs and discover new bands. On this blog you can expect the following:

- Some music news
- Some of my song lyrics
- General "this and that"

As a warning, we will not be posting here very frequently. For more regular news, feel free to follow us on Twitter @YourMusicNews.

Ever since starting YourMusicNews, we have discovered many great bands such as:

- Last Resonance // Twitter:!/lastresonance

- Still Well Angel // Twitter:!/STILLWELLANGEL

- Our Last Crusade // Twitter:!/OurLastCrusade

- Run On The Sun // Twitter:!/RunOnTheSunBand

- I Reckon // Twitter:!/IReckonBand

- Brothers Highhorse // Twitter:!/BrosHighhorse

- Perils Rise // Twitter:!/PerilsRise

- A Tragedy At Hand // Twitter:!/ATragedyAtHand

- Hollows // Twitter:!/HollowsOfficial

- The Front Line // Twitter:!/thefrontline870

- Roses In Rome // Twitter:!/RIROfficial

I think I got everybody...

Anyways, I recommend you check out all these bands. There is a great variety out there.

Thanks for your time! Once again you can follow us on Twitter @YourMusicNews.

Thanks again!


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