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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Interview with "Held By The Bloodline"

YourMusicNews: How did you decide on the band name?
Held By The Bloodline: We actually pulled our name from some lyrics that we stumbled across. After some tweaking and editing, we decided on Held By The Bloodline and it stuck.
YMN: How did the band members meet?
Held By The Bloodline
HBTB: We met in high school, in a band class. I (Mike) was a senior and Tim was a freshman. One of our mutual friends wanted to start a band and had asked both of us to be in it. We ended up playing in that band for about a year and a half before it broke up. We had become really good friends during that time, and since we were both still interested in making music together, we started a two-person project which eventually became "Held By The Bloodline".
YMN: Who are some of your major influences?
HBTB: Since his childhood, Tim has always been influenced by old-school Metallica, but more recently, he's gotten into band like Born of Osiris and After The Burial. He has been writing music that is more challenging and musically technical, like odd meters and modulations. I (Mike) have always been influenced by bands like Stick To Your Guns & The Ghost Inside. The positivity of their lyrics has always been something that draws me towards them and it heavily influences the way I write.
"Live The Dream" Artwork.
YMN: How long did the process take, from writing to recording etc. did it take to create your EP "Live The Dream"?
HBTB: We had been casually writing songs for over a year before we decided to book studio time to record them. When we initially entered the studio, it was late August, but we had some unforeseen problems arise and we ended up finishing the album in early November. We're completely happy with how the album turned out, and we're excited to make more music.
YMN: From "Live The Dream", which song is your favourite and why?
HBTB: I think we can both agree on the title track, "Live The Dream", being our favourite. It was the last song we wrote before we entered the studio, so we feel that it's the most mature & best structured song on the album.
YMN: In future albums, do you see yourself sticking sticking to the same style or branching out?
HBTB: We're already in the process of writing for our next EP which we'll be recording this summer. It's going to be a little more melodic and a little more technical. We're having one of our close friends join the band in May, and we're certain that he'll help make our music even better!
YMN: What do you hope people take away from your music?
HBTB: We hope that our music is something that people can relate to, and something that people can be inspired by. Even if we only impact one person, our music is still a success in our eyes.
YMN: Any plans to tour this year?
HBTB: We'll be playing a few shows during the summer, but I imagine we'll be pretty busy recording the new album.
YMN: Who are some bands you would enjoy touring with in the future?
HBTB: We have a lot of friends in bands here in the Fresno area and we'd be more than happy to tour with any of them. They're all great guys,
YMN: Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?
HBTB: We'd just like to thank all of the people who actually listen to us and anyone who has purchased a copy of the EP. It's totally surreal having people we've never met before give us feedback & compliments on our music. We appreciate it so much!

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Interview with "A Story Left Untold"

YourMusicNews: What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

A Story Left Untold: We always enjoyed music and wanted to pursue a career. It all came down to finding the right group of people to pursue it with.

YMN: What artists would you consider influential in your work?

ASLU: We are influenced by a lot of artists amongst them are, blink-182, Paramore, All Time Low, Yellowcard, Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Panic! At The Disco, Bayside, Green Day, Jessie J, Amy Winehouse, Keisha Cole, Christina Aguilera and Frightened Rabbit

YMN: How did you guys come up with your band name?

ASLU: Elle and Alex were looking for a band name and Elle went through Alex's iPod and stopped at Every Avenue's The Story Left Untold, our drummer at the time suggested that we change "the" to "A" and it's been our name ever since!

A Story Left Untold.
YMN: Do you have any tour plans this spring and summer?

ASLU: Yes, we are looking to tour this summer!

YMN: What band(s) would you love to tour with in the future?

ASLU: We would love to tour with all the bands we mentioned before, but Alex has made it clear her dream is to tour with All Time Low so she can die happy. Haha

YMN: Is the band working on any new songs at the moment or in the near future?

ASLU: We're always working on new material, but we won't be releasing anything until later this year or early next.

YMN: Any advice for young and up and coming bands?

ASLU: Because we are a young and up and coming band as well, we can only advise them to the point where we are: Stay dedicated, know what you want to accomplish and expect a lot of blood, sweat and tears. Whether you succeed or not, just always make sure you're having fun!

YMN: Anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

ASLU: We would like to shout out to our friends and families for their constant support, YourMusicNews for giving us this opportunity and all of our fans! Without you guys we would never get to where we are today. Thank you, you guys are the best fans anyone could ask for! We hope you keep supporting us! <3

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Run On The Sun "New Empire" EP- A Review

In late February, Greenwich based band, Run On The Sun, released their debut EP, "New Empire". We are going to break down all five songs and let you know what we think. Enjoy!

1) "New Empire"
To be honest, I wasn't to happy with the intro to the album. It didn't have that flashy hook that sets the tone of the record. However when the vocals kicked in, it instantly grabbed my attention. The vocals, in my opinion, drew comparison to those of Silverstein and Secondhand Serenade. From this point forward, everything seemed to click and it seemed as though the band founds it's groove. I found the chorus to be one of the better parts of the song as it was very catchy and had that "sing along" factor to it.

2) "My Name"
"New Empire' Artwork.
My personal favourite from the album. This song showcased the bands true potential, not only in their instrumentals but in their lyrics as well. They are very heartfelt and easy to relate to. Once again, a catchy chorus is present and provides an anchor to which the rest of the song is built.

3) "She Is My Truth"
This is yet another song that is very easy to relate to. This is just another example of the bands true writing talent and ability to connect with people through their lyrics. This song is more mellow then the two previous and provides a nice transition from the more upbeat song to the softer acoustic ones.

4) "Moonlight"
The first acoustic song on the album which provided a bit of a change, however nothing drastic as the mood throughout the album remains relatively stable. Run On The Sun has the perfect voice for acoustic song so naturally "Moonlight" flows very smoothly. Overall a solid acoustic song that provides a showcase of the truly stunning vocals that this band possesses.

5) "Disappear"
Another solid acoustic song. However, some may find it rather dull having two acoustic songs back to back. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it's placement. I find this song much more captivating then "Moonlight". In turn, this makes for a powerful album from a very talented band.

"New Empire" is a solid first step for Run On The Sun and provides them with a foundation to build off of in the future. There are very few flaws in the work and none that take away from the albums songs. I look forward to this bands continued growth and can not wait to see what they come up with next. Five songs for $4.95 on iTunes, definitely worth it and highly recommended.

Overall Score: 4/5

Follow the band on Twitter:!/RunOnTheSunBand

Check out their website:       

Finally, watch their music video for "My Name":

Friday, March 09, 2012

Just A Reminder

Hey everyone. Just so you know from now until the 26th, we will not be updating the blog. However when we get back we have a lot of exciting changes.

We will be getting a new logo and blog layout in early April.

We have 3 interviews and 4 album reviews lined up.

We have a new Artist Of The Month for April on the way.

And just a reminder that our Twitter accounts and email will remain active at this time.

Sorry for any inconvenience this may habe caused.


Monday, March 05, 2012

Our interview with "Run On The Sun".

1) How did the band members meet?

  * I (Brett) met Ethan in a theater class and we each found out about the other's love for music. After that, we got together and jammed. Then I met Sandro at a composer showcase with his band (Itamar played in that band) and we got to talking. A couple days later I asked both Ethan and Sandro to play a show with me, and since then we started playing more shows. After a short break, we all got back together (I played a couple shows with Ethan during that time) to see what would happen.   re-continue the band and see what we could make of it. We instantly clicked again and started really pursuing the band in early March. Shortly after, Sandro suggested that we give Itamar a try at guitar in the band and we all fell in love with his guitar playing and personality.

2) How did the band name originate?

  * Our drummer’s sister, Kim, actually came up with the name while we were brainstorming ideas last year. Our band name to us represents the drive we feel inside ourselves to live life to the fullest. We believe in trying to do the impossible, so it fits us perfectly.

3) Who are some of your major influences?

  * The Beatles stormed America in their first show by literally running across a field to the stage, plugging in, and playing their opening song immediately. Isn’t that incredible? Their drive and passion and masterful showmanship made them the sensations they became, and that story alone has helped to shape our approach to performance. We also really look up to bands like Kings of Leon, The Script, Weezer, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc. All of them have put out powerful music that speaks to us on a personal level. That is key. If you’ve got good music, a good show, and a heartfelt passion for what you are doing, you have our attention.

4) What is your favourite venue to play?

  * There's a venue in Hamden, CT called The Space and it's almost always a great time there, so that would probably be it.

5) You just released your first EP, “New Empire“. How long of a process was it to write and record the songs?

Run On The Sun.
  * Some of the songs on the EP date back to a couple years ago, so the writing process was a culmination of two or three years. It took us around six months to record, mix, and master the EP.

6) What do you hope people take away from your music?

  * A sense of hope and even a spark of ambition. But really, if anything, a good feeling. We strive to inspire and ignite people's emotions.

7) Where do you find the inspiration to write your songs?

  * Love, peoples showing of passion, a need to retain hope/security, etc. Really anything that moves us emotionally weather it happened first hand to us or not can inspire our writing.

8) Do you have any advice for people thinking about forming a band?

  * Yeah, never give up. There might be some moments where you feel like you're not getting anywhere. That's normal! Starting a band is no easy feat, but as long as you love what you're doing, have faith in your songs, and play with people who you consider as friends, you'll find a way to succeed.

9) Finally, is there anyone in particular you would like to give a shout out to?
  * Our loving families, friends, and fans for getting us this far. We couldn't be where we are now without your support!

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Friday, March 02, 2012

Interview with "My Brother The Doctor"

1) How did the band members meet?

Well, We were all kind of friends through high school. Rob and Robin met in high school and began
playing music together, with Rob originally on bass before switching to vocals. They actually originally had the idea to start the band and decided to talk to Adam who they knew from school, originally about playing guitar until he mentioned he was better at drums, That was actually how the first, self-titled, E.P. was recorded. As a three piece. When the problem of filling the remaining positions came up some names got tossed around, but Evan's really stood out because Rob knew Evan through mutual friends and he actually played guitar with Rob and Robin before MBTD. Evan was actually in a band when he started filling in, but fortunately for us they disbanded and we were able to get Evan full time haha. And as for bass, Adam was friends with Billy Williams (former bassist) in school and had played in school band with him. So Billy started coming to practice and it all just kinda clicked into place.

2) How did the band decide on the name?

The name actually kinda just came to Rob one night while he was lying in bed. The only thought that came to mind was like a Jack the ripper scenario, like a back alley doctor performing surgery with a kitchen knife. However a lot of people have asked if we got it from a line in the Tom Hanks movie "The 'burbs" where one of the characters says ``...This is my Brother, The doctor." But in reality that`s just a total coincidence and we didn`t even realize it until after we decided on the name. Great movie though, highly recommend it haha.

3) Who are some of your major influences?

Well, bands like Between The Buried and Me and Born Of Osiris are a shared influence, but we all listen to a lot of different kinds of music from eachother. Some of us are into a lot of indie as well as Deathcore. Whereas others are mostly just into Metal. So we like to think our mixture of influences really helps create a different sound than most bands.

4) What inspired the band to create music together?

Just a collective love for music mostly. We`re all really passionate about what we do and we want to take it as far as we possibly can.

5) When can fans expect your EP, “Expect Pirates”, to be out?

Actually out on March 10th haha. We`ve been working on it for quite a while and we`re really excited to have it complete. We self recorded it at our home ``recording office`` as we call it, Adam mixed it and edited and did a great job. We`re really happy with how it turned out.
6) What do you hope people take away from your music?

That heavy and adventurous can be used in the same sentence... haha. We like to make music that makes people feel the way the music we like makes us feel you know? Music really inspires us and drives us and if we can give even one person that feeling then We've done what we want to do.
7) Where do you find the inspiration to write your songs?

Mostly the music just kinda comes to us. As for lyrics, Rob does most of the writing there and draws a lot of inspiration from literature, movies, life situations etc.

8) Do you have any advice for people thinking about forming a band?

BE COMMITED! That's the best advice we can possibly give. A lot of people form bands thinking it's just gonna be an easy skate through life but the truth is it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot of money goes into it as well and I think most people don't realize that. The cliche of the starving artist being totally broke but still putting a bunch of money they don't have into shows is completely true. Our old manager, Justin, always says "If music isn't your life, don't make your life music." And that is dead accurate.

9) Finally, is there anyone in particular you would like to give a shout out to?

Monolith Management definitely, it's awesome working with them and they've helped us out immensely in getting ourselves out there as a band. Other than that just anyone who has ever come to one of our shows and bought a shirt or just stuck around to see us play. Without you guys we'd be nowhere in life and we owe everything to you.

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Twitter: @MBTDOfficial


Thursday, March 01, 2012

Interview with "Canoe"

1) How did the band members meet?

James and I (Brent)  have been friends for a while now, we played music together just for fun for a little while and went through a couple drummers until we found Austin in like early 2010 and then started to take things a little more seriously.  We met Chris through school, he was our buddy and it just happened naturally.

2) What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Well personally, its cliche, but music is amazing.  It makes people feel things.  It heals, it helps.  Whats not to love about it?  I wanted to make any kind of difference I could to this world, and I don't posses very much talent at anything else...  It didn't hurt that I got horrible grades in high school and was left with very little other choice than being in a band.

3) How did you decide on the band name?

We lead boring lives, me and James one time went canoeing because there's nothing to do where we live.  We fell out and had to swin through gross river water and wound up in a public park and had to carry a Canoe back in our boxers.  We said it as a joke and it stuck.  Canoe is simple, easy to remember and doesn't sound like we take ourselves to seriously.  Also, it means vagina according to Urban Dictionary,  look it up I dare you.

4) Any tour plans for the spring/summer?

Yeah actually!  We're planning our first tour for this July around the north-east.  It's gonna be killer we're so stoked.  Check our Facebook in the next couple months for dates.

5) What artist(s) would you consider to be your major influences?

For me Blink-182 raised me, so they're huge.  Bayside, Fireworks, The Wonder Years, Man Overboard, Handguns, Bright Eyes,  Dear And The Headlights, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers... There's so many.

6) What band(s) would you love to tour with in the future?

Out of my favorite bands that are touring the ultimate would be The Wonder Years.  But we have some good friends around Buffalo we'd love to tour with too!  Shout out to our friends in Sleep Atlantic, Sans Ego, Dividing the Skyline, Camden and Scholar!  Go check them out! Sorry if I missed anyone!

7) Any new music coming out soon?

Yupp!  We're actually going into the studio to record our first full length.  We're stoked on it.  Can't wait to get it out!!  Check out the facebook for updates on it we're looking to release it early this summer!  It's different than anything we've done.

8) If so, what “sound” can fans expect?

All sorts of stuff!  If you've followed Canoe you can expect the same pop-punk feel we did on our EP.  But we've grown a bit, not only as a band but as people, we've had a rough year and this album definetly reflects that, so there's some serious stuff on there, some heavy, some light.  Something to make you dance and something to make you think.

9) Finally, is there anyone you would like to give a shout out to?

Every single person who has helped us out at all, no matter what it is.  Anyone who bought our CD or a Tee shirt, or posted on our wall or talked to us, or come out to a show, or sang one of our songs, it means the world to us and it doesn't go unnoticed we promise!  Also all my friends who I've met around Buffalo and elsewhere as a result, you know who you are!  I have the best friends anyone could ask for and I'm honored.  I hope everyone sticks around for the next album, we're really proud of it.

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