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Monday, March 26, 2012

Run On The Sun "New Empire" EP- A Review

In late February, Greenwich based band, Run On The Sun, released their debut EP, "New Empire". We are going to break down all five songs and let you know what we think. Enjoy!

1) "New Empire"
To be honest, I wasn't to happy with the intro to the album. It didn't have that flashy hook that sets the tone of the record. However when the vocals kicked in, it instantly grabbed my attention. The vocals, in my opinion, drew comparison to those of Silverstein and Secondhand Serenade. From this point forward, everything seemed to click and it seemed as though the band founds it's groove. I found the chorus to be one of the better parts of the song as it was very catchy and had that "sing along" factor to it.

2) "My Name"
"New Empire' Artwork.
My personal favourite from the album. This song showcased the bands true potential, not only in their instrumentals but in their lyrics as well. They are very heartfelt and easy to relate to. Once again, a catchy chorus is present and provides an anchor to which the rest of the song is built.

3) "She Is My Truth"
This is yet another song that is very easy to relate to. This is just another example of the bands true writing talent and ability to connect with people through their lyrics. This song is more mellow then the two previous and provides a nice transition from the more upbeat song to the softer acoustic ones.

4) "Moonlight"
The first acoustic song on the album which provided a bit of a change, however nothing drastic as the mood throughout the album remains relatively stable. Run On The Sun has the perfect voice for acoustic song so naturally "Moonlight" flows very smoothly. Overall a solid acoustic song that provides a showcase of the truly stunning vocals that this band possesses.

5) "Disappear"
Another solid acoustic song. However, some may find it rather dull having two acoustic songs back to back. Personally, I see nothing wrong with it's placement. I find this song much more captivating then "Moonlight". In turn, this makes for a powerful album from a very talented band.

"New Empire" is a solid first step for Run On The Sun and provides them with a foundation to build off of in the future. There are very few flaws in the work and none that take away from the albums songs. I look forward to this bands continued growth and can not wait to see what they come up with next. Five songs for $4.95 on iTunes, definitely worth it and highly recommended.

Overall Score: 4/5

Follow the band on Twitter:!/RunOnTheSunBand

Check out their website:       

Finally, watch their music video for "My Name":

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