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Friday, March 02, 2012

Interview with "My Brother The Doctor"

1) How did the band members meet?

Well, We were all kind of friends through high school. Rob and Robin met in high school and began
playing music together, with Rob originally on bass before switching to vocals. They actually originally had the idea to start the band and decided to talk to Adam who they knew from school, originally about playing guitar until he mentioned he was better at drums, That was actually how the first, self-titled, E.P. was recorded. As a three piece. When the problem of filling the remaining positions came up some names got tossed around, but Evan's really stood out because Rob knew Evan through mutual friends and he actually played guitar with Rob and Robin before MBTD. Evan was actually in a band when he started filling in, but fortunately for us they disbanded and we were able to get Evan full time haha. And as for bass, Adam was friends with Billy Williams (former bassist) in school and had played in school band with him. So Billy started coming to practice and it all just kinda clicked into place.

2) How did the band decide on the name?

The name actually kinda just came to Rob one night while he was lying in bed. The only thought that came to mind was like a Jack the ripper scenario, like a back alley doctor performing surgery with a kitchen knife. However a lot of people have asked if we got it from a line in the Tom Hanks movie "The 'burbs" where one of the characters says ``...This is my Brother, The doctor." But in reality that`s just a total coincidence and we didn`t even realize it until after we decided on the name. Great movie though, highly recommend it haha.

3) Who are some of your major influences?

Well, bands like Between The Buried and Me and Born Of Osiris are a shared influence, but we all listen to a lot of different kinds of music from eachother. Some of us are into a lot of indie as well as Deathcore. Whereas others are mostly just into Metal. So we like to think our mixture of influences really helps create a different sound than most bands.

4) What inspired the band to create music together?

Just a collective love for music mostly. We`re all really passionate about what we do and we want to take it as far as we possibly can.

5) When can fans expect your EP, “Expect Pirates”, to be out?

Actually out on March 10th haha. We`ve been working on it for quite a while and we`re really excited to have it complete. We self recorded it at our home ``recording office`` as we call it, Adam mixed it and edited and did a great job. We`re really happy with how it turned out.
6) What do you hope people take away from your music?

That heavy and adventurous can be used in the same sentence... haha. We like to make music that makes people feel the way the music we like makes us feel you know? Music really inspires us and drives us and if we can give even one person that feeling then We've done what we want to do.
7) Where do you find the inspiration to write your songs?

Mostly the music just kinda comes to us. As for lyrics, Rob does most of the writing there and draws a lot of inspiration from literature, movies, life situations etc.

8) Do you have any advice for people thinking about forming a band?

BE COMMITED! That's the best advice we can possibly give. A lot of people form bands thinking it's just gonna be an easy skate through life but the truth is it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. A lot of money goes into it as well and I think most people don't realize that. The cliche of the starving artist being totally broke but still putting a bunch of money they don't have into shows is completely true. Our old manager, Justin, always says "If music isn't your life, don't make your life music." And that is dead accurate.

9) Finally, is there anyone in particular you would like to give a shout out to?

Monolith Management definitely, it's awesome working with them and they've helped us out immensely in getting ourselves out there as a band. Other than that just anyone who has ever come to one of our shows and bought a shirt or just stuck around to see us play. Without you guys we'd be nowhere in life and we owe everything to you.

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