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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A.O.T.M March- "ComeOn, Let's Go!"

“Come On, Let’s Go!”
Burlington, Ontario
Power pop/ Rock

The Members

Paul- Vocals/Guitar


Logan- Drums

The Sound

“Come On, Let’s Go!” creates uplifting, upbeat party music. While listening to them you can’t help but get up and dance, or at least tap your foot along with the beat. A very excellent and talented band, worth checking them out.

The Background

“Come On, Let’s Go!”, formed for one reason and one reason only, to provide people with the joy of their music. They have been playing shows and are working on a new EP. The release date and other related information can be found at

The Review

After listening to many songs by “Come On, Let’s Go”, I can say that I have become a fan. Whether it be the addicting instrumentals or the rather intriguing vocals, this band will have you hooked in a matter of minutes.

Touching on the bands vocals for a moment, they reminded me of what you would hear in a punk rock type of band, in that they have that, for lack of a better word, “whiney” sound to them. Not that this takes away from the band, in fact, I believe it adds some separation and uniqueness to them, which is always a good thing in my opinion.

I am looking forward to their EP, expected to be out soon. I know that these guys will put out a solid record as they are all amazing musicians.

Contact Information

Band Twitter- @ComeOnLetsTweet

Band Members Twitter Feeds-

Paul- @Pauliemackswell

Andrew- @androidmarshall

Logan- @thetraynor


Our interview with them:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

News and Updates

First off, sorry we haven't been very active this week, but we have been super busy. So right off the bat we have some exciting news.

The All American Rejects are following us on our main Twitter @yourmusicnews! They are the most famous people we have following us to date and we can't thank them enough for that.

We have a Youtube channel now. You can find it at There we will be posting our lyrics in video form. If anyone is interested in putting our lyrics to music, drop us an email at

Our Artist Of The Month should be up tommorow. A little early but we have the time to write it up so we thought we would.

In a band that is planning to tour this Spring/Summer? Let us know and we would be more then happy to help get the word out.

Finally, any band interested in an interview can send us an email or find us on Twitter.

Thanks and have a good day!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Band Discovery Day

 Welcome to a new feature on our blog. Once a month, we will provide you with a list of the top five bands that we have discovered that month. In addition to the name and contact information, we will provide a brief summary of the band. Here are this months bands:

5) "Eyes Like Diamonds"
Twitter: @EyesLike

 Eyes Like Diamonds (E.L.D) combines both softer melodies and more upbeat tempos to create a sound that echos many other bands before them. However what seperates E.L.D from the rest of the pack is their amazing vocals. Check them out on PureVolume and get their new album "Frequencies" on iTunes.

4) "Siberian Jay"
Twitter: @TheSiberianJay

 Siberian Jay creates a unique blend of several different genres. This mix creates a unique sound that is really quite enjoyable. Both the vocals and instrumentals are very solid and make for a pleasing listen. You can pick up their self titled album on iTunes.

3) "Canoe"
Twitter: @CanoeBuffalo

  Canoe combines several general to create a very upbeat, "sing-along", type sound. Like many in similar genres, the vocals are not as strong, yet for Canoe, it doesn't seem to hinder their ability any. Watch for our interview with Canoe, coming soon.

2) "Come On, Let's Go!"
Twitter: @comeonletstweet

 Come On, Let's Go! (C.O.L.G) combine pop and rock to create a sound that is very easy to sing along to. C.O.L.G upbeat music makes for a very pleasent listen. You can catch our interview with them at: .

1) "A Story Left Untold"
Twitter: @OfficialASLU

 A Story Left Untold (A.S.L.U) is a solid band all the way around, from their instrumentals to their vocals. A.S.L.U is carried by their very powerful and heartfelt vocals. These are accompanied nicely by the music. A very talented band worth checking out. You can find their debut album "Forgetting Something Unforgettable" on iTunes.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Blog Update and Music News

Blog Update

- First and foremost, than kyou everyone for their ongoing support. This February has already become the busiest month (in terms of blog traffic) in our young history. Thank you everyone!

- We are now on Facebook. You can "like us" at:

- We are now accepting interview requests for March. Let us know at:

- You may have noticed a new section added to the blog, "Quote Of The Week." Every Monday we will be updating that with a new quote that we stumbled upon sometime during the week.

- If you haven't, you should check out our secondary blog at: . We post our original songs there.

Twitter News

- Run On The Sun (@runonthesunband) is releasing their EP on the 28th, so be sure to watch for that.

- Faber Drive is mixing their new single this week. Watch for its debut in early March.

- You can check out 'The Devouring's' new teaser track at: .

- 'Close To Home' is making progress on their new album. Be sure to follow them @WeAreCTH

- Finally, be sure to check out these bands:

'A Story Left Untold' (@OfficialASLU)

'The Faded Age' (@TheFadedAge)

'The Vera Project' (@VeraProjectBand)

'A Constant North' @ACN_Band)

Monday, February 13, 2012

News and Notes (Week of Feb. 13th)

 Happy Monday everyone! Well here we are, another week, another round of exciting changes and announcements.

 First off, we have a brand new logo! Very simple yet a major step up from our old one. This logo is used on both our blog and our Twitter account.

 We are adding a new section to the blog as well entitled "Quote Of The Week". Each week we will be featuring a quote by an artist that was found to be inspirational. This will be updated every Monday starting today.

 We have an interview with the band "A Story Left Untold" coming up. This interview should make it's way over to the blog sometime next week. This date is subject to change.

 Finally, we have been advertising our blog a lot on our Twitter account, we have strayed to far from what we started it for, music news. So we will be putting more music news on there and advertising left.

Have a great week everyone, we will see you soon.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A.O.T.M February- "A Story Left Untold"

“A Story Left Untold”

Queens/Long Island, New York

The Members

Michelle- Vocals
Alex- Guitar
Joseph- Guitar
Sean- Bass
Nick- Drums

The Sound

 The bands sound is sprawled out over several genres including alternative, pop, punk and rock. The only way to truly describe their sound is a combination of all these genres, which makes for a unique sound that is tough to compare.

The Background

“A Story Left Untold” formed in November of 2010. Since then, they have played many a show and shared the stage with many different bands. In 2012, they still plan to tour like mad, good news for fans of the band. In July of 2011, their debut album was released, entitled, “Forgetting Something Unforgettable”.

The Review

After listening to “ Forgetting Something Unforgettable” right through a number of times. I have reached many a conclusion. First and foremost, they generally play a rather upbeat style of music. Combine this with the very talented vocals of Michelle and you have a catchy band that can captivate the listener and make them an instant fan.

Approaching the band blindly, I can say I did not know what to expect from them. After hearing the intro to “Hallows”, I can truly say I was hooked, intrigued to listen to the rest of the tracks. Most of the album contains mainly upbeat tracks, as I can fairly say was expected, yet there are a few exceptions. “Life Points” has a softer sound to it, which breaks up the album nicely. In addition it is a true showcase of the vocal talents of the band.

All in all, the band has put out a solid record, with amazing vocals and a nice balance of instrumentals, nothing overpowers another. “Forgetting Something Unforgettable” is entirely worth the money to buy on either iTunes or Amazon. Personally, I can not wait to see what the band comes up with next although they sure have their work cut out for them, as their debut album will be a hard act to follow.

The Contact Information

The bands Twitter- @OfficialASLU

Members Twitter-







Listen to the album for free-

Monday, February 06, 2012

News and Notes

 Hope everyone is having a great day today. We have a few little anouncements that do not really relate to one another, but since they are short, we are putting them all together.

 We are shutting down our Artist Of The Week (A.O.T.W) contest. In the place of it, we are starting a similar Artist Of The Month (A.O.T.M) contest. We are also introducing a brand new Artist Of The Year (A.O.T.Y) contest. Every A.O.T.M is elegible for the title of A.O.T.Y. For this contest, readers will be voting on their favourite band and then certain ones will be eliminated until we have one left. Our A.O.T.M has been picked, the write up on them should be posted by the middle of the week, so be sure to look for that.

 Spring and summer are popular times for concerts and tours. If you are in a band or know of a band touring this season, we would love to know so we can help and promote the tour. You can either get a hold of us in the comments below, by sending us an email, or finding us on Twitter.

 In addition, we are looking for bands avaliable for a short interview in the coming weeks. Once again you can get a hold of us with the ways listed above.

 Finally, watch for our new logo in the coming days. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon!

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Interesting Blog Stats

Happy Wednesday everyone! Just thought that we would share some interesting statistics about the blog with you. We hope you take as much an interest in statistics as we do.

- Our busiest month (in terms of posts): August/September 2011, 5 posts each month.

- Our busiest month (in terms of traffic): August 2011, 37 page views that month.

- Most popular individual post: "An Original Song", 6 page views.

- Top referring source:, 14 referrals.

- We have received views from 9 different countries.

- 53% of our readership comes from Canada. In second place is the United States with 23% of our readership.

- 39% of our page views come from mobile devices, including 20% from Android devices.

Well, we hope you enjoyed those statistics. Just a note, later today we will finally be getting around to updating our blog interface. If there are any suggestions as to what we should include/get rid of, leave us a comment under this post. Thanks!

Oh, and here are the winners of A.O.T.W contest for the month of January.

January 20th: "Green Tree", @GreenTreeBand

January 27th: "Mayall's Object", @MayallsObject

Follow us on Twitter @YourMusicNews for February's A.O.T.W winners, every Friday!