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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Band Discovery Day

 Welcome to a new feature on our blog. Once a month, we will provide you with a list of the top five bands that we have discovered that month. In addition to the name and contact information, we will provide a brief summary of the band. Here are this months bands:

5) "Eyes Like Diamonds"
Twitter: @EyesLike

 Eyes Like Diamonds (E.L.D) combines both softer melodies and more upbeat tempos to create a sound that echos many other bands before them. However what seperates E.L.D from the rest of the pack is their amazing vocals. Check them out on PureVolume and get their new album "Frequencies" on iTunes.

4) "Siberian Jay"
Twitter: @TheSiberianJay

 Siberian Jay creates a unique blend of several different genres. This mix creates a unique sound that is really quite enjoyable. Both the vocals and instrumentals are very solid and make for a pleasing listen. You can pick up their self titled album on iTunes.

3) "Canoe"
Twitter: @CanoeBuffalo

  Canoe combines several general to create a very upbeat, "sing-along", type sound. Like many in similar genres, the vocals are not as strong, yet for Canoe, it doesn't seem to hinder their ability any. Watch for our interview with Canoe, coming soon.

2) "Come On, Let's Go!"
Twitter: @comeonletstweet

 Come On, Let's Go! (C.O.L.G) combine pop and rock to create a sound that is very easy to sing along to. C.O.L.G upbeat music makes for a very pleasent listen. You can catch our interview with them at: .

1) "A Story Left Untold"
Twitter: @OfficialASLU

 A Story Left Untold (A.S.L.U) is a solid band all the way around, from their instrumentals to their vocals. A.S.L.U is carried by their very powerful and heartfelt vocals. These are accompanied nicely by the music. A very talented band worth checking out. You can find their debut album "Forgetting Something Unforgettable" on iTunes.

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