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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Interesting Blog Stats

Happy Wednesday everyone! Just thought that we would share some interesting statistics about the blog with you. We hope you take as much an interest in statistics as we do.

- Our busiest month (in terms of posts): August/September 2011, 5 posts each month.

- Our busiest month (in terms of traffic): August 2011, 37 page views that month.

- Most popular individual post: "An Original Song", 6 page views.

- Top referring source:, 14 referrals.

- We have received views from 9 different countries.

- 53% of our readership comes from Canada. In second place is the United States with 23% of our readership.

- 39% of our page views come from mobile devices, including 20% from Android devices.

Well, we hope you enjoyed those statistics. Just a note, later today we will finally be getting around to updating our blog interface. If there are any suggestions as to what we should include/get rid of, leave us a comment under this post. Thanks!

Oh, and here are the winners of A.O.T.W contest for the month of January.

January 20th: "Green Tree", @GreenTreeBand

January 27th: "Mayall's Object", @MayallsObject

Follow us on Twitter @YourMusicNews for February's A.O.T.W winners, every Friday!

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