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Monday, February 06, 2012

News and Notes

 Hope everyone is having a great day today. We have a few little anouncements that do not really relate to one another, but since they are short, we are putting them all together.

 We are shutting down our Artist Of The Week (A.O.T.W) contest. In the place of it, we are starting a similar Artist Of The Month (A.O.T.M) contest. We are also introducing a brand new Artist Of The Year (A.O.T.Y) contest. Every A.O.T.M is elegible for the title of A.O.T.Y. For this contest, readers will be voting on their favourite band and then certain ones will be eliminated until we have one left. Our A.O.T.M has been picked, the write up on them should be posted by the middle of the week, so be sure to look for that.

 Spring and summer are popular times for concerts and tours. If you are in a band or know of a band touring this season, we would love to know so we can help and promote the tour. You can either get a hold of us in the comments below, by sending us an email, or finding us on Twitter.

 In addition, we are looking for bands avaliable for a short interview in the coming weeks. Once again you can get a hold of us with the ways listed above.

 Finally, watch for our new logo in the coming days. Thanks for reading, and hope to see you soon!

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