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Monday, February 13, 2012

News and Notes (Week of Feb. 13th)

 Happy Monday everyone! Well here we are, another week, another round of exciting changes and announcements.

 First off, we have a brand new logo! Very simple yet a major step up from our old one. This logo is used on both our blog and our Twitter account.

 We are adding a new section to the blog as well entitled "Quote Of The Week". Each week we will be featuring a quote by an artist that was found to be inspirational. This will be updated every Monday starting today.

 We have an interview with the band "A Story Left Untold" coming up. This interview should make it's way over to the blog sometime next week. This date is subject to change.

 Finally, we have been advertising our blog a lot on our Twitter account, we have strayed to far from what we started it for, music news. So we will be putting more music news on there and advertising left.

Have a great week everyone, we will see you soon.

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