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Thursday, April 05, 2012

"Forgetting Something Unforgettable"- A Story Left Untold (A Review)

After listening to the debut album, “Forgetting Something Unforgettable”, by A Story Left Untold, it became clear that they are primed and ready to be successful in the music industry. The maturity level of the band is certainly rare these days. In addition, many of their lyrics are written quite well which is another thing you do not see very often these days. Kudos to A Story Left Untold for creating a solid debut album.

Through the instrumentals in “Forgetting Something Unforgettable”, the band conveys several different emotions. There are many upbeat songs such as “Hallows”, “Getting Out Of Vegas” and “Ten Years”. To compliment these songs, A Story Left Untold includes several softer songs such as “Life Points” which, if nothing else, add diversity to the album. There is a great mix on the album which holds your attention to the very end.

Dissecting the lyrics we can see that, there to, is a mix of both serious, heartfelt lyrics and some that can be rather fun and silly. However, everyone interprats lyrics differently so to judge for yourself, I would give the album a listen. Songs such as “Life Points” and “Runaways” are perfect examples of the more emotional songs on the album. Many of the songs are very easy to sing along to and are very catchy which only adds to the solidity of this album.

A Story Left Untold is a very talented band, there is no doubt about that. From lyrics to instrumentals to vocals, they are a very solid group. Often times on a debut album, bands tend to make errors which they then learn from in the future. However, with this group, you can tell that they put so much passion and effort into their music that, when compared to many other young musicians, they are quite advanced. “Forgetting Something Unforgettable” is a solid first step for the band and I look forward to where they decide to go next. A Story Left Untold will most certainly be around for many years to come, something you could tell by giving their debut album “Forgetting Something Unforgettable” a listen.


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