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Friday, December 20, 2013

YMN Interview- Junkyard Poets

This is an interview we did with Junkyard Poets back in the summer. We just found it now, so enjoy!

How did you guys meet and how did the idea of forming a band come about?
We all went to the same school growing up and just played in different combinations of groups and bands. Peter and I had been in a band together and there was about a year break when I didn’t do anything music related, so I was just getting sick of not playing and wanted to put together a really energetic band.
How did you settle on a band name?
The first 2 years of playing we had trash cans on Stage with a second drummer that would just play junkyard percussion. The name was inspired by Tom Waits nickname the Junkyard Poets.
What is your favourite thing about performing live?
Just connecting with the fans and having those cool “not apart of the plan” moments. Some of our mistakes have been our most entertaining shows.
Do you have a specific process that you go about when writing new songs?
I just sit in front of the computer at my studio and start playing on the keyboard till I have something. Mixing together loops and keyboard patches until I have something I like.
Where do you draw your inspiration from?
Definitely other bands. We’re all big music enthusiasts of 1930s and up so we really just draw from the classics.
What is your favourite song that you have written thus far and why?
Favourite song would have to be You Gotta Love Somebody. We had it on the first album and 2 years later I realized how dissatisfied I was with the lyrics and rewrote the whole thing. Lyrically I’m definitely the most pleased with that song. 

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