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Monday, June 11, 2012

Edwin Miles- A Review

Edwin Miles is a singer/songwriter/guitarist living in Manchester, UK. Edwin combines soothing guitar melodies with his heartfelt vocals. When putting Edwin Miles music into a genre, you could easily put it in several, from pop to folk to rock. Originally from Saudi Arabia, Edwin has been playing guitar since he was twelve and has developed the talent that helps propel his music to another level which is evident in his debut release.

"Get Off Your Rock" by Edwin Miles
"Get Off Your Rock", the four song debut EP from Edwin Miles was released in early 2012. It is a very wonderful and relaxing collection of songs. It seems as though he feeds off of his guitar and in turn, creates more energy and passion within his music which truly makes for a great listen. My favourites from the album include the title track, "Get Off Your Rock" and "Troublesome Eye". I really like how "Get Off Your Rock" flows so smoothly. It is a really nice introduction to the album and it does a nice job of setting the tone for the rest of the album. "Troublesome Eye" was one of my favourites due to all of the emotion that is portrayed throughout it. Both the lyrics and Edwin's voice make this a stand out song. There is not a song that I didn't really like on the album as I found they all contributed to the mood of the album and helped to solidify it.

If you are into mellow, acoustic songs you may enjoy Edwin Miles. Even if you don't, I encourage you to give him a listen as everyone of his songs is filled with passion and they flow so smoothly throughout the album. He is very talented on guitar and has great vocals to match. "Get Off Your Rock" was a very well done debut album and I look forward to Edwin Miles future releases.

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