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Monday, June 04, 2012

La Fin Absolute du Monde- A Review

La Fin Absolute du Monde.
 La Fin Absolute du Monde (The Absolute End Of The World) is made up of husband and wife duo, Jason and Cyndy Myles, who create very unique sounding music that is hard to place in any one genre. They combine punk, rock, pop, electronic and even some hard rock. Formed in 2009, La Fin absolute du Monde has signed to UK label, Foolscircle Recordsand created several true masterpieces. This is such a dynamic band in that they can generate many different moods throughout their songs. Cyndy's vocals help with this a lot as she is very talented in what she does.

 La Fin Absolute has released several prominent songs. "She's Got To Be A Pirate" is perhaps their best example as this showcases what La Fin Absolute du Monde is all about. Featuring their signature blend of several different genres and uniquely crafted vocals, this is La Fin Absolute du Monde at their very best. " Black Sheep" is a perfect example of how dynamic this band really is as they can go from upbeat to mellow in an instant. "Dark Fetus" contains the best of both worlds and is one of my personal favourites by La Fin Absolute du Monde.

 If you are looking for a unique listening experience, look no further then la Fin Absolutedu Monde as they blend several different genres to create a very unique sound that helps them stand above the crowd. Personally, I look forward to watching the band progress and build off of their success. Any future releases by La Fin Absolute du Monde are sure to be a hit and I can't wait to see what they come up with next.

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  1. I love it -- Classifying your blend of melodic, sentimental, heart-pumping vocals and guitar rifts is futile... I can not wait to catch a LIVE show soon, keep doing what your do. Your passion and musicianship is obvious... LET'S GO!