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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

States Away- A Review

 States Away is a pop/punk band from Springfield, Ohio. They are a textbook perfect pop/punk band consisting of upbeat instrumentals and accompanying vocals. Their lyrics are catchy and that makes for a fun listen. When comparing States Away to other bands it's hard to narrow it down as there are so many bands playing this style of music. However, with that said, if you have an ear for pop/punk you will definitely enjoy it.

States Away Album Artwork.
 States Away released their self titled, debut EP last month. Consisting of four songs, it will please anyone who is a fan of upbeat pop/punk music and catchy lyrics. The first song, "Heads Up", is my favourite from the album due to the energy that is sustained throughout and the way that it ties the whole group together. "Mean What You Say" is similar in many aspects, which helps carry that energy through the first half of the EP. The third song, "It's Not Me It's You" seems to change the mood of the EP. The lyrics seem more emotional and heartfelt which adds a layer of depth that you don't often see with bands in this genre. "Don't Try", the final song, seems to shake things up again. Although the vocals seem upbeat, the instrumentals seem more mellow which helps to summarise the EP's mood. Overall, States Away delivers a solid debut release.

 Being such a young band, States Away has already accomplished so much. They have a very respectable fan base and a very solid debut album.I look forward to seeing them build on this success and I hope that they continue to make music as well as grow and develop as a band. I recommend you give them a listen as they are well worth your time.

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**Note: Watch for our interview with States Away tomorrow!**

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