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Monday, June 25, 2012

"Girl Crazy" by What Looks Like Crazy- Song Review

What Looks Like Crazy.
What Looks Like Crazy is a pop/rock band from Virginia Beach. This five piece group has been playing shows around the United States with some of today's biggest artists. What Looks Like Crazy differs from other bands in that they seem closer connected with their audience. The fact that they care about their listeners is a fresh change of pace. These guys are not your average pop/rock band that just writes catchy lyrics, they write lyrics from the heart and about their lives. Add it all up and What Looks Like Crazy makes for an interesting listen.

Their latest single, "Girl Crazy", meets all the pre-requisites of becoming a classic Summer anthem. It features very catchy lyrics, upbeat instrumentals and when you listen to it you can't help but think about Summer. "Girl Crazy' will not go away quickly thanks to an infectious combination of lyrics and vocals. This is the true backbone of the song and it couples nicely with the instrumentals to form one incredibly diverse and amazing song. Feel free to listen to the song on their Facebook page (link below).

If What Looks Like Crazy keeps writing the same calibre of songs like "Girl Crazy", I believe they will be not only around but relevant for a long time to come. I wish them all the best moving forward and look forward to listening to their future releases.

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  1. So proud of these guys! They really are sweethearts and interact so much with their fans. They deserve all that will come their way. :)