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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A.O.T.M (June)- Deadlines And Diamonds

Deadlines and Diamonds
Sacramento, California

The Members

Laura- Vocals
Shane- Vocals
Phil- Guitar
Daniel- Bass
Kori- Guitar
Namor- Drums

The Sound

 Deadlines and Diamonds compare themselves to A Day To Remember which is fair in many aspects. However, a more accurate comparison would probably be a mix of Evanescence and Asking Alexandria with the vocals reminiscent of Evanescence and the instrumentals comparable to those of Asking Alexandria.

Deadlines & Diamonds.
The Review

 Deadlines and Diamonds has released several solid songs that showcase their true ability. In what has become a watered down genre, Deadlines and Diamonds has set themselves apart due to their powerful vocals evident in each song. The clean vocals are complimented quite nicely with the screams. "I Created A Monster" has quickly become one of my favourites due to incredible lyrics that are easy to relate to and the fact that it flows so smoothly with no dead spots evident in the song. Another stand out is "Marionettes". Incredible lyrics and vocals coupled with amazingly effective instrumentals make "Marionettes" a true pleasure to listen to. It is hard to find a song that is not well put together by the band, even their cover of "Blow" by Ke$ha draws no complaints from me.

The Bottom Line

 Deadlines and Diamonds is a special band in that they are strong from all aspects which makes for an outstanding listen. I look forward to the release of their debut EP, sure to be solid, and any future releases from them because they have the talent to keep making music for a long time to come.

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