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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Fallows- A Review

 The Fallows are an indie/folk/rock band from Coventry, England. The four piece group, formed in 2010, has been busy entertaining many a crowd with their addictive and catchy sound. Following the success of their debut EP "We Are The Hunted", the band released their first full length album, "Face The Wolves" early this year and will be playing many more shows over the coming months.

"Face The Wolves" Album Cover.
 "Face The Wolves" is a ten song album that blends several different genres, most notably rock and folk, together. This creates an interesting listen that captivates the audience and draws you in. The first song, "We Are The Hunted" is a powerful song but I believe that the next song, "When The Sun Goes Down", is even more captivating. Stand outs from the album include "One By One", which is perhaps one of the more emotionally felt songs on the album and "Break My Bones", which is easily the most catchy song and really helps to add another angle to the album. This album is full of variety and that continues with "Annecy". This song feels like more of a country song then anything else. "It's Not Over" is a beautiful way to end the album, full of heartfelt lyrics coupled with instrumentals that compliment the vocals quite nicely. A well rounded album, "Face The Wolves" has something for everyone and enough variety to keep it from getting stale.

 The Fallows never seem to slow down. They will be busy touring this summer and if you get a chance to go see them, do it, I have heard many good things about their live performances. "Face The Wolves" is a very well done debut album and I look forward to hearing what the band comes out with next. I highly recommend you check out their album on iTunes or their website as it is worth a listen. I wish the best of luck to The Fallows in whatever they do and look forward to watching them continue to grow and progress.

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