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Monday, May 28, 2012

Wing And Hollow- A Review

Wing And Hollow.
Wing And Hollow is an indie-folk duo based out of Los Angeles, California. Consisting of a husband and wife team, Wing And Hollow effectively plays to their strengths, stunning vocals and complimentary mellow melodies, which makes them so successful.

Their first release, “Frozen Trees” was nothing short of a masterpiece. Coupling the cornerstones of folk music while adding their own unique twist makes this album that much more enjoyable. The first two songs, “Frozen Trees” and Shadow Man” are, perhaps, the most complete songs on the album as Jill’s vocals and Haven’s instrumentals combine to create the perfect example of traditional folk with a modern twist. Later on in the album we are introduced to the harmonica. On “Lock It Away”, this is used perfectly to fill gaps that otherwise may have been lacking in substance. My personal favourite from the album is “On Goes The Air” as I believe this song is their most emotionally driven on the album. Wing And Hollow’s signatures, powerful vocals and genius melodies that help their music flow so well make “Frozen Trees” a worthwhile listen and a solid first release that you don’t often see.

Wing And Hollow.
This was followed with their recently released EP, “North Of Nowhere”, which takes everything that made “Frozen Trees” so successful and add another layer of depth to that. The guitar is still the main instrument present on the record but they have added the use of drums to help flesh out the music. Every band evolves and Wing And Hollow is no different. There are two songs that really showcase this shift, “Look Out Below” and “Not Alone”. Both of these songs still have that unique spin that sets Wing And Hollow apart from the crowd. My personal favourite from the album is “Keep It In The Dark” because it is the perfect transition between the two albums. “North Of Nowhere” is another solid release by Wing And Hollow and definitely worth your time.

Wing And Hollow’s relaxing and soothing music is a worthwhile addition to any collection. I hope they continue to make music as they have the talent and the passion that is needed to succeed. Both “Frozen Trees” and “North Of Nowhere” were great albums and I hope you get a chance to listen to them. I wish them all the best and look forward to hearing more from them in the future!

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