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Monday, May 14, 2012

Barely Blind- Review

Barely Blind
 Barely Blind is a, to put it in their own words, “fuzzy rock’n’roll” band originally from Port Arthur, Texas. The four-piece group, formed in 2003 has been busy releasing their unique brand of rock/indie/pop punk music upon the world. Their debut EP “The Way We Operate”, released in 2007, was a solid first step in the band’s musical career. Even at this early stage, the trademark sound that is Barely Blind is starting to show through. However, even with this in mind, this album sounds like many others from that time frame. That is not to say that the album wasn’t very good. The vocals mix perfectly with the instrumentals to create a solid pop/punk sound. Standouts from the album include “Crazy”, a picture perfect example of the genre and “97 Called” which captures the essence of the late 90’s and early 2000’s take on pop/punk. Altogether a very well done album.

Barely Blind
  This was followed up with the 2009 release “My Life With A Giant”, a seven song EP. Contained within the album are more polished instrumentals and vocals creating a perfect harmony. The growth of the band is evident through the more mature take on this album. However, you can tell that they have not let go of their past as you can still hear elements from the bands first EP sneaking into this one. The title track, “My Life With A Giant”, sums up all the sounds from the album. Accompanied by “Some Days Are Diamonds” and “Young Love”, this albums core is as solid as a rock. Top it off with the remaining songs and “My Life With A Giant” is a solid second release.

  Their most recent release “Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns” truly shows how far this band has come. With an ever changing musical landscape, Barely Blind has changed for the better. This album feels as though they have arrived where they were always meant to be. The raw emotion portrayed in this album easily make it their best release to date. It is hard to pinpoint which song truly makes this album as they all help to create a solid listening experience. Some notables on the album include “Silver Lake”, the first song on the album, it draws you in and sets the tone for the rest of the album. “How To Sail The Atlantic Alone” is another great song that helps propel this album to the next level.

  All three of these albums are on iTunes and are well worth the money. I look forward to seeing how this band continues to evolve and grow. “Wilder Child Of A Thousand Suns” will be a hard album to top but I believe that Barely Blind can get it done.

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