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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lily Brooke- A Review

Lily Brooke
 Lily Brooke is a 14 year old singer/pianist from Newcastle, Britain. At such a young age, she has already proved herself in the music industry. She has already developed and recorded several songs that demonstrate both her talent on the piano and vocals that are quite strong and empowering for someone her age. Lily Brooke uses the piano to create the perfect compliment to go with her voice. She has already developed quite the fan base (close to 5,000 Twitter followers) and is gaining new fans every day.

 The first song I heard by Lily Brooke was “Eclipse”, a song that demonstrates her maturity through both the lyrics and mellow melody. Both of these tend to be her strong points and are echoed throughout most of her music. My two personal favourites by Lily Brooke are “As Days Go By” and “Until We Meet Again”. These two songs showcase her true talents vocally and lyrically. It is hard to pinpoint any one thing that she should work on as Lily Brooke is already quite well rounded, something that is generally not seen for someone so young.

 However, there is some room for growth and being such a young artist, this should come naturally with time. As mentioned previously, Lily Brooke has some stunning, powerful vocals that will only continue to be more empowering as her musical career goes on. I look forward to seeing how Lily Brooke’s music continues to evolve. I can easily see her making it big in this business and truly believe she has what it takes to succeed.

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