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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Whitemoor- A Review

 Whitemoor, formed in April 2009, is generally classified as an indie or alternative band however their style fits into a number of different genres. The five-piece group formed from the ashes of three different bands, Ejectorseat, You-V-Me and The Beau Peepshow. The band signed with Sound-Hub Records in 2010. In January of 2011, Whitemoor released their self titled, debut album.

  From the very first song, “Three Words”, you can already see them starting to develop their unique sound that has long since been the bands signature. For the most part, you can hear the emotion that they pour into their songs, most notably on vocals which are reminiscent of Kings Of Leon but with a more raw edge to them. This adds another layer of depth to the talent that Whitemoor possess. It is hard to pick out a song or two that isn’t up to par with the rest due to the fact that every single song on the album is perfectly polished and adds to the fullness of the album. Standouts include “Artefacts” and “At The Crescendo”. “Artefacts” has outstanding lyrics that are easy to relate to and a catchy upbeat sound that never gets old. “At The Crescendo” is the song that sounds the most unique when compared to the others on the album. It is a great song and helps to break up the album.

Whitemoor album cover.
  Whitemoor is due to release their second album this summer through Sound-Hub Records and is sure to follow the success of their debut album. In the three years that they have been together, Whitemoor has already found the success that many bands can only dream of. They have received all sorts of praise from their first album and it is easy to see why. I look forward to seeing how the second album turns out in addition to future releases. If you get a chance to go see them live, do it, I have heard nothing but positives about the bands live shows. I wish Whitemoor all the best and hope that they stick around for many years to come.

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